Triggering clues / ideas inspirations

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, creation also shares a bit of deep down personal needs ,vague though, before starting to get a proper form. Therefore, this is the way it happened with us too, out of nowhere indeed. The concept was born and then spontaneous experimentation was the one way procedure from paper to its fulfillment.

Wood, leather, fabrics are in fact the materials-blending aesthetically the theory of golden ratio Φ =1.-618, binding harmoniously the analogies of the final project creation, that is the bag in your hands.

What makes each bag unique, outstanding somehow, is the fact that it also carries fragments of our soul, patiently waiting at our workshop for the right timing to be triggered at the meeting point of our first inspiration designed aiming you.

Warranty / Maintenance

Orphans’1618 owners are fully covered by guarantee of appropriate use and the possibility of its free maintenance every 18 months. This is dealt with, provided that the owner sends them back to us accompanied by their product Identity card. Expenses to and from are on the owners cost.

Hand Craftsmanship

Our products are totally hand made since the materials used follow a certain assembly procedure before they come to the final handmade and artistic outcome.

Recycling / Reusing

Our BRAND products are given the chance to be sent back to our company on condition they cover the terms of being well kept and functioning, In this case, the owner is offered a discount in case he/she is interested in buying a new product. After that ,the item can be offered as a vintage one to a new owner with the capital initials of the prior owner inscribed.

Who are the Orphans?

Konstantinos Chadoulos
Founder & Handmade structures Expert

Studied at department of Agricultural Development in Democritus University of Thrace.

Maria Chadoulou
Co Founder & Product Designer

Studied at department of Product and Systems Design Engineering , University of the Aegean

Pouf Chadoulos
Inspiration & Our Muse